We are a superior manufacturer of laminar airflow unit workspace that provides filtered and clean working areas via HEPA filtering system which can be maintained in a working space particle and bacteria-free clean environment. Horizontal Laminar Airflow Bench/Cabinet/Unit, Horizontal Laminar Airflow Hood is used for, multipurpose works which require maintenance of the purity & cleanliness like plant tissue culture, examination, and experimentation of precision electronics parts, medical sciences, pharmacy, and agriculture sector.

Since it is made of the highest quality material, the horizontal laminar airflow cabinet is extremely durable. The blower, light, and pressure monitor are all controlled by a feather touch controller on the high-tech horizontal laminar airflow hood/horizontal laminar airflow bench. A polycarbonate/glass front panel and side panel are also included with the horizontal laminar airflow unit. The elevated laminar airflow cabinet is also termed known for its unparalleled strength and best performance.

The salient features of our exclusive array include the following:

    • Air Flow Direction: Horizontal
    • Cabinet Fabricated in SS 304/316/MS Powder Coated Structure
    • Polycarbonate/Glass Side Panel and Front Panel
    • Air velocity: 0.45±0.05 mps (90±20FPM) Below Six Inch Of Grill
    • Miniplate HEPA filters H-14 99.999% Efficiency 0.3µm
    • Pre-Filter Glass Fibre Media EU-6 98% Efficiency 5 µm
    • Magnehelic Differential pressure gauge
    • Centrifugal Or Back-word curved type Air blower with Speed Variable
    • SS 304 working platform
    • Germicidal Ultraviolet fluorescent light
    • Feather Touch controller for Blower/Light/Pressure Display
    • DOP Port/Atmospheric Nozzles
    • Sound Level Minimum 65db On Scale
    • Power Supply Single Phase 220V 50 Hz


    • Digital Pressure Gauge with Alarm
    • Hour Meter