A fume hood (sometimes called a fume cupboard) is a type of local ventilation device designed to limit exposure to hazardous or toxic fumes & vapours in a lab. The fume hood is the single most essential component in a laboratory where chemical reactions are carried out. We are an expert leading fume hood manufacturer in India. We have a wide range of chemical fume hoods for our labs, be it an R&D lab, QC lab, educational lab, or a third-party testing lab

Fume hoods function on the very basic principle of containment. They are basically designed for the safety of the personnel Working Within the lab by maintaining negative pressure inside the hood compared to that within the lab. Our fume hood performs effectively and safely at the face velocity of 100 fpm (or 0.5mtr/sec) at a defined sash opening. It will have double-skinned construction to make it safer. It comprises electrical components and utilities as per the need of the experiment. The choice between steel and polypropylene fume hoods is always available as per the requirements.

Further, fume hoods have the following broad types:
• Bench top fume hoods
• Low bench fume hoods (also called distillation fume hoods)
• Walk-in fume hoods (also called floor-mounted fume hoods)
• Perchloric acid fume hoods (with the wash-down system)
• Radioisotope fume hoods (with HEPA filters)
• Ductless fume hoods (with carbon filters)

Our fume hoods are

• Equipped With All Advanced Features
• Highest Safety Standards
• Available in Different Sizes
• Highly Energy Efficient
• Multiple Choice of Automation
• Vast Range of Colours to Select