Unlike the conventional walls that stand at a 90-degree angle, coving along with coving corners give a well-rounded, seamless extension to a wall-to-ceiling and to a wall-to-wall, respectively. Simply put, coving installed at the edge of the walls give a smooth transition from a wall to the ceiling while corners help eliminate the sharp corners and enable three-dimensional meeting points. In addition, covings are durable and non-shedding that not only hold up the weight but are also designed to withstand constant cleaning and sanitization processes required by the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Our cleanrooms are well equipped with aluminium coving that fulfils diverse requirements.

•   Eliminates dirt and bacteria that typically build up in any laboratory, processing room, or cold room.

•   Aluminium stands as a semi-structural function for added strength.

•   An ideal choice for resistance owing to corrosion, aluminum also gives scope for additional finishes for extra robustness.

•   It keeps the coving steady and rigid to carry the load.

•   The L-shape profile firmly connects the walls and suspends them against the ceiling.

•   Ideal for clean rooms having several columns and walls with alcoves and recesses.

•   It has the superior ability to include silicone edges and facilitates an airtight seal.

•   Unlike plastic coving with an inbuilt colour, aluminum coving can be used with powder coating that helps match the colour of the coving with that of the panel.

The salient features of our exclusive array include the following:

    Our Aluminium Covings are available as follows:


    •   “L” Angle to fix coving with partition to partition and partition to ceiling with the help of screws

    •   Radius Coving top with smooth powder-coated finish

    •   3-way corner

    •   2-way corner

    •   Pillar for column claddings