Just like the wall partition, a clean room ceiling is equally crucial to maintain a controlled environment, and therefore we are manufacturing and supplying here with an extensive range of Walk-on and non-walk-on ceiling panels that are made to fulfil all your cleanroom ceiling requirements.

As a modular ceiling panel manufacturer, our specialization lies in walk-on, non-walk, progressive and nonprogressive ceiling panels, both are well-liked among the industries for their best performance all through.

The self-suspended system of our ceiling panel eliminates the requirement of ceiling grids or perpendicular framework, which in turn entitles easy access for removable partitions in case of Entry / Exit. Furthermore, the self-supported design of these panels enables us to provide truly walkable ceilings to every venture.
This walk-on clean room modular ceiling panel is prefabricated and preconfigured to accommodate accessories used in a clean room application, which includes a fire sprinkler, lighting, HEPA filters, and other utilities.

MOC: GI/CRCA Powder Coated, Pre-painted, Aluminium Powder Coated, SS304, High Pressure Laminates
Panel Thickness: 35mm | 50mm | 80mm | 100mm
Infill Insulation: Puf | Rockwool | Honey Comb