Technical Specifications:


Air cleanliness:

ISO Class 5 / Class 100 / M 3.5 AREA

Air Flow:

Horizontal / Vertical

Noise Level:


Vibration Level:



440V AC, 3-ph, 50HZ


GI Powder Coated / SS-304 / SS-316 / Combination


All external panels are Double Skinned duly PUF insulated


Double Skinned with View Panel, Door Closer & ‘D’ Handle

Two Stage filtration

EU7 - Intermediate Filter (95% down to 3 microns)

EU14 - HEPA Filter - Supply / Exhaust (99.999% down to 0.3 microns)

 Other Features: 

- Statically and dynamically balanced Motor-blower with isolator to reduce the noise level

- Fluorescent Lights

- Differential Pressure Gauges: 01 No. (HEPA Filter)

- Auto / Manual operation

- ON/OFF Switches (BL / FL)

- DOP Port

- DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ Documentation


The salient features of our exclusive array include the following:

    Options and Accessories

    A wide range of configurations to suit any containment application:

    o Once side Entry / Both Side Entry
    o Top blower / Side Blower arrangement (height consul)
    o Velocity display with High / Low Alarms
    o Filter chocking alarms
    o FLP Electrical Goods for Explosion