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TAT Pass Boxes are self-contained units installed at the entrance to cleanrooms. They minimize the amount of particulate contamination entering the clean room by reducing operator "traffic".Equipment and materials are passed into the clean room via the pass box whichis equipped with a mechanical / Eletro-magnetic interlocking system that prevents both doors from being opened at the same time. Also inbuilt UV Light with hour meter prevents bacterial / fungous growthThe pass box is an inexpensive way to maintain the cleanliness of your clean room and is easy to install and adaptable to existing facilities.

Also dynamic pass boxes with blower and hepa filter are generally prefers to transfer the material between highly clean and sterile areas.

MOC : CRCA powder coated, Stainless Steel
Available in : Sizes and types as per client's requirement

Product Range
  • Clean room
  • HVAC
  • Laminar air flows
  • Accessories

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