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Biological Safety Cabinet Catering to the requirements of various biological labs and research institutes,our wide range of biological safety cabinets are widely in demand in the industry. These have been designed and manufactured in compliance with international quality standards and known to deliver effective performance.

Class I Biological Safety CabinetBiocontainment Workstation is an open fronted, Negative pressure ventilated cabinet for personnel and environmental protection, with an unrecirculated airflow away from the operator, exhausted through a HEPA FILTER. This workstation does not provide products protection.

Class II Biological Safety CabinetBiocontainment Workstation is a ventilated unit with inward air flow for personnel protection, downward HEPA FILTERED laminar air flow for product protection and HEPA filtered exhaust air for environmental protection.
Class III Biological Safety CabinetBiocontainment Workstation is a totally enclosed ventilated unit of gastight construction with a negative pressure. It supplies air drawn into the cabinet through HEPA FILTERS. All functions are performed through glove ports. The exhaust air is treated by double HEPA filtration or by HEPA filtration and incinerations.

MOC : CRCA Powder Coated, Stainless Steel.Available in Sizes and type as per client's requirement.

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