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TAT air shower is used to remove the contaminating agents from the staff's clothes when they come in controlled contamination environments where harmful powders are treated and they do not have to be diffused in the external environment.Operating principle of Air shower It is based on the mechanical action exercised on the particles settled on the staff's clothes by “air blast” blown out at high speed by adjustable diffusers nozzles and uniformly distributed on the internal walls of the “shower”.The air is conveniently pushed by a dimensioned centrifugal fan in terms of the volumetry of the shower and filtered in absolute filters at high capacity (H14). The cleanness effect obtained varies in terms of time of exposure of the staff to the air blastsGlass doors of all height provided with spring device to automatically close a door. Opening direction as per client's specifications. Adjustable blowing out nozzles stream management of the staff fulfilled with locking system for doors and traffic lights.Automatic unlocking system for doors in case of black out.Manual button to unblock emergency doors internal lighting Optional drilled floor platform for hard applications.

MOC : GI/CRCA Powder Coated, Stainless Steel.Available in Sizes and type as per client's requirement (2 way, 3 way or 4 way type)

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